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xsdbXML -- a framework for distributing querying and combining tabular data over the Internet


The xsdb data language and xsdb query engines are designed to make it easy to publish and combine data in the same sense that the HTML format and web browsers are designed to make it easy to publish and view documents.

There are four separate implementations: a Python implementation, a javascript implementation, a C#/.NET implementation, and a java implementation. For all implementations all source code is distributed using SourceForge. Download the package, including this documentation from

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Note: The xsdb project is currently divided into two efforts which have not yet been integrated housed in two separate directories. The xsdbXML directory provides an XML mode of expression with query semantics. The xsdb directory contains the xsdb server software, which is not yet integrated with xsdbXML, and which is likely to change drastically soon. Please look to xsdbXML first.

Copywrite and Licensing

The xsdb package is Copywrite Aaron Watters 2003. the package is licensed under the Python Software Foundation License which means that you can do basically anything with it (except claim that you own it).

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